Modern Services

Charlotte Perriand,
Charlotte Perriand, “LC7” chair, 1927
Mario Bellini,
Mario Bellini, “Camaleonda” modular sofa for C&B Italia, 1971

Reupholstering & Customizing
We can customize and reupholster the items of your interest according to your choice on a specific request. If you’re looking for a customized reupholstering, Modernab would be happy to assist you in your selection, offering a complimentary service: we can ship our fabric and leather swatch-books directly at home to help you make the best-customized choice for your new furniture. Thanks to our connections, we have the possibility of selecting the best quality products designed and manufactured in Italy, from leather to velvet, from fur to wool bouclé.

Modernab offers a wide variety
of dedicated services to its customers.

Looking For A Specific Piece?
Last but not least, Modernab offers a dedicated service of sourcing. Whether you are looking for a specific item not shown on the website or in the catalogue, please feel free to ask; our purchasing team would be glad to assist you in your research. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information at:

Mario Bellini,
Mario Bellini, “Le Bambole” sofa for B&B Italia, 2007

Modern Objects For Hire
All the objects listed are available for hire. Whether you’re seeking one of our pieces to rent for a limited period, we would be glad to assist you with this dedicated service. Don’t hesitate to reach us to receive a quote or even if you need some additional information regarding our services.

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