Mario Bellini “Le Bambole” Modular Set for B&B Italia, Faux-Fur, 1971


Mario Bellini “Le Bambole” modular set for B&B Italia, foam and faux-fur, Italy, 1971, set of five.

Mario Bellini “Le Bambole” Modular set for B&B Italia, faux-fur, 1971, set of 5. The starting point was a shopping bag containing formless material shaped when the bag was set on the ground and squashed. In the shared research undertaken by the designer and the company’s internal R&D department, the idea moved towards the shape of a cushion.
This is how Le Bambole came into being in 1971, winning the “Compasso d’Oro” award in 1979. The search for a new shape for upholstered furniture: all parts are shaped like a giant soft cushion. If we take apart Le Bambole, we get cushions in part because they are a natural “free” shape, difficult to describe in a product drawing, but easy to perceive and analyze.


Height: 27.56 in. (70 cm)
Width: 31.5 in. (80 cm)
Depth: 31.5 in. (80 cm)
Seat Height: 17.32 in. (44 cm)






Faux Fur


Our atelier carefully restored and reupholstered the sofa in faux-fur. Slight signs of use and time.

The sofa can be reupholstered in any material. Our atelier would be glad to customize the finishing and composition of your piece.

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